A Short Bio

Self Portrayal.jpg

My interests and career span a multitude of creative disciplines: advertising, documentary, short film drama and music videos as a film maker & photographer. There's even been spells as a Radio DJ and publisher. I’ve won my share of awards at D&AD, One Show, Clio, Cannes, the New York Festivals and across Australia in film and photography categories. I’m a founding member of the Ludlites, a group of art photographers practicing ‘plastic camera’ photography, exhibiting annually at the Head On Festival in Sydney. I continue to work extensively in the world of fashion and beauty, creating TV and digital campaigns for a great many of the major beauty brands both at home, in Europe, Asia and the U.S. My overarching passion though is working with people, often without on-camera training, creating beautiful honest living portraits of their lives and lifestyles. In my spare time I’m writing my first novel,  developing a cross media campaign directed at Men, an art installation, a range of photo based luxury fabrics as well as a new book of photography. Image creation is my passion. My quest for challenging creative opportunities is on-going and my energy has yet to find its limits.